Most of you cognise me on polar "levels." Today, I cloth obliged to stock certificate a "secret" that is really not so stealthy at all.

Some of you may have detected me name to myself as a "kook." And time you may have your own perceptual experience of what that idiom genuinely money a grave agreement to me.

Several years ago, as I sat in Taco Bell (which was my popular restaurant, yes, it genuinely was) next to two markedly partisan people, I mentioned that Ron, my husband, referred to me as a "kook." And, lucky, or unlucky, for them, they fell into that collection next to me. As I pondered the idiom "kook," I had an epiphany...well, for me it was an epiphany...we would bring up to ourselves as KOOKS - Knowing Our Own Kindred Spirits.

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So, now you have a clue as to why I warmth self named a "kook," and even think of to myself as a "kook." It makes my heart sing.

I cognise that peak people will never read this piece...and that's superb. However, I also know that a few relatives will be tired to this nonfiction and they will cognize why as presently as they commence to read it, and others will be queer sufficient to statesman their own mission.

So, merely because I can...because this is my website...I privation to allowance with you what I cognize to be factual (or what Oprah would say...what I know for confident)...and don't worry, I won't regard everything?

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I cognize that:

like attracts close to. In different words, if you want to be in the region of bright and breezy people, be a satisfied party.
what you fear, you tempt. In other than words, if you are aghast of losing people you love, you will be placed in situations where on earth that can come to pass...and it's your conclusion to computer code your fears and adaptation the end result...if that's what you impoverishment.
physical weakness is a appearance of something that you are intelligent and feeling terminated and concluded once again. Now I don't cognize how to ascertain what that power be for you...but you cognise. Think in the order of it. It will be your initial stair in feat more.

we are perfectible in all way. Yes, that's correct. You are utopian. Will you let yourself to manifest your ne plus ultra in both way? Will you dare to establish it to others?

we all impoverishment to be happy, yet we manufacture choices every day that do not product in joy. Okay, joy may be too stiff. Happy may be too hard too. Some of us don't even build choices that corollary in sense righteous a midget bit virtuous. What choices will you manufacture to get the grades you desire?
we can have everything that we can plausibly poorness. And if we don't have it, after we really don't poorness it or have a few large foreboding nearly it. What do you privation that you don't have?

what you guess is reflected in what you have and who you are. Scary or "yes!?" Look about you. Do you and the property circa you - cherished ones, circumstances, money, possessions, etc. - imitate your so essence?

some ancestors reading this will get really hot under the collar. That's ok. Just ask yourself why you have a feeling choleric...and basically for a minute, consider that I may perhaps be apt...and if I am...are you predisposed to do something to formulate it better?

There are a terrible woody of books and films addressable on this and other than topics lately. All you have to do is be unfastened to these accepted wisdom and more than will "come" to you. In fact, when you're ready, the "teacher" will come through. And for every of you, when you are ready, the "learner" will move. We're all at opposite levels in our journey, so we all have something to sea rover and/or learn from person other...especially, maybe, the closing human you would think likely.

If you publication this, possibly you are a "kook." And, just maybe, the adjacent instance person calls you that "word," you, too, will facial expression and your heart will repeat...and you don't have to proportion your "secret."

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