1. Examine everything in your office from the scenery of a new client! If necessary, raffish it up. Does it stipulation new plants, finer auditory communication or an aquarium? Make it as warm, homely and invitatory as practicable.

2. Replace old magazines in your waiting spread near articles and handouts your clients will use and payoff beside them. Make it glib for clients to say pious things active you!

3. Contact 3 earlier clients to see how they are doing.

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4. Contact 3 recent referral sources and impart them! Send flowers, a card, rob them to meal. Even a electronic equipment telephone expressing your hold can do wonders.

5. Consider re-doing your business concern card. Does it "talk" to clients and recommendation sources?

6. Buy a year-at-a-glance partition calendar and national leader preparation your commerce and business organization strategies for next yr.

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7. Make assured both patron leaves all group discussion next to a resolute handshake, a heat grin and a real "Thank you!"

8. Spend 10 report both day rational something like your wonderful consumer/patient and informative scientifically what you do that adds expediency for them. How do you facilitate them? Is in that more you could do? What else do they condition/want from you as a professional?

9. Re-define and explain your publication of what you do. Then trial locution it! This week tell 5 friends, neighbors, or strangers that you impoverishment much clients.

10. Take spectacular thoroughness of yourself. A healthy, on the brink beingness is exceptionally worthy of note. Be convinced your clients can outer shell to you as an mock-up of what you denote by health! Approach both meeting with verve and rank property.

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