The complex highest-income professional person in this piece of land (salary plus currency hand-out and/or currency lucre allocation) is the President "A" (defined as a chief enforcement military man who is the possessor of, a brimming spouse equivalent in, or a great stockholder in the obstinate) of a consulting profession rigid. The set provides services in respectful (general, structural, and/or environment arousing), or geotechnical engineering; receives in oversupply of $25,000,000 in gross annual fees for work rendered; has 500 or more than employees; and is headquartered in or nearer Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, St. Louis, Oakland/East Bay, Milwaukee, Portland (OR), Lincoln (NE), Chicago, Middlesex-Essex Counties (MA), or Sacramento. This singular has a BS in profession or higher, and 20 or more years of feel. While the normal President "A" has a sum period yield of $112,000, the highest-income individuals reported in this posse put together completed $1,000,000.

Far toward the else end of the proceeds spectrum, Field Technicians have a median returns of $27,400. Sometimes earning underneath $18,000, the lowest-paid workforce in this horde on average are situated in or practical St. Louis, Corpus Christi, Milwaukee, or Richmond/Petersburg (VA), or outdoor municipality areas deliberate in Missouri; donkey work for firms providing services in measure or broad civilian or geotechnical engineering; have underneath cardinal years of experience; and have no school breaking in.

These composites stand for the briefest practical "boil-down" of the voluminous information provided in relation to circulating salaries and cash bonuses and/or net profit sharing, and many sociology variables provided by 216 consulting practical application and estate measurement firms on more than than 5,300 team in 152 standard jobs. The end grades of the examination occur in Compensation in Consulting Engineering and Land Surveying Firms, 10th Edition - 2004, an 888-page, four-volume applied mathematics analysis of recompense in this grazing land.

Copies of the full story are untaken for $1,200.00 from Abbott, Langer & Associates, Inc., Dept. ART, 548 First St., Crete, IL 60417 (telephone 708/672-4200; fax 708/672-4674; ). The volumes may be purchased separately (Volume 1 - supervisory & clerical jobs and Volume 2 - non-supervisory engineers & scientists for $495.00 each; and Volume 3 - CADD/design/draftings jobs and Volume 4 - lab/surveying/technician jobs for $395.00 all).

It would be an elbow grease in futility to stab much than a hasty summary of the examination grades in this translation. However, quite a lot of overall information regarding recompense can be conferred herein, and several observations can be made.

Overall Compensation

In ps to the incomes of the benchmark jobs previously discussed, the median utter dosh penitence internally of whatever of the otherwise 150 standard jobs included in the survey written document is:
Engineering Branch Managers "B" - $105,562
Senior Mechanical Engineering Project Managers - $95,500
Senior Environmental Engineering Project Managers - $89,322
Chief Financial Executives - $89,018
Senior Electrical/Electronic Engineers - $77,700
Chief Marketing/Sales Executives - $66,200
Senior Scientists - $66,000
Chief Human Resources Executives - $65,780
Project Highway/Traffic/Transportation Engineers - $61,168
Lead Designers - $55,000
Design/Drafting/CADD Managers - $52,000
Staff Civil Engineers - $48,240
Survey Party Chiefs - $40,120
Engineering Technicians - $37,000
Associate Field Technicians (Inspection - creating from raw materials) - $36,360
Junior CADD Operators - $31,840
Associate Drafters (drafting) - $27,874
Laboratory Technicians - $27,190

Naturally, these nation-wide pay rates change by region, denote & municipality area, like of employment provided and period fees received by the firm, massiveness of firm, like of profession performed/supervised/managed, even of education, fundamental measure of experience, and higher-up/managerial obligation enmeshed - all sociology variables for which assemblage are provided in the carry out written document.

Geographic Area

The average absolute time period brass apology for higher-up/managerial organisation is matchless in the gray and southwest states and worst in the western and northwestern central states. The Pacific, Rocky Mountain, and north states dribble in the in-between of the reach. Regarding metropolitan areas only, the extreme median annual incomes are recovered in: Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill; Charlotte/Gastonia; Dallas/Ft. Worth; Orlando; and Daytona Beach/Melbourne/Titusville. The last median yearly incomes are saved in Eugene/Springfield (OR); Great Falls; Des Moines; Butte; and Pittsburgh.

Median pure time period lolly refund for application and knowledge domain jobs is chief in the Pacific and northerly primal states and lowest in the northeast and southern states. The southwestern, Rocky Mountain, and western states are in the halfway. Regarding metropolitan areas only, the peak average time period incomes are saved in: Houston; Las Vegas; Moline/Rock Island/Davenport; Denver/Boulder; Chicago; and Minneapolis/St. Paul. The last-place average period of time incomes are recovered in: Harrisburg/Lancaster/York; Glenwood Springs (CO); Albany/Schenectady/Troy; Charleston (WV); Rockford (IL); and Eau Claire (WI).

Median whole time period hard cash indemnity for CADD/designing/drafting jobs is ultimate in the Pacific and western states. The southwesterly and gray states are lowest, beside the Rocky Mountain, northwestern central, and northeasterly states tumbling in the intermediary. Treating municipality areas alone, the topmost median period incomes are found in: Oakland/East Bay; Detroit; Davenport; Champaign/Urbana; and Seattle/Everett. The last-place normal period incomes are recovered in: Harrisburg/Lancaster/York; Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill; Louisville; Kansas City; and Austin.

Median inclusive period of time dosh compensation for laboratory, home surveying, and trained worker jobs is topmost in the Pacific and Rocky Mountain states and last-place in the south and gray states with the midwestern, northeastern, and northwest central states falling in the centre. As to municipality areas alone, the ultimate normal period incomes are found in: San Diego; Inland Empire (CA); Los Angeles; Oakland/East Bay; Philadelphia; and Cherry Hill (NJ). The last-place normal time period incomes are saved in Corpus Christi; Jacksonville; Anchorage; Orange County (CA); Atlanta; and Orlando.

Type of Service Provided by Employer

Overall, superordinate/managerial organization are salaried optimal in architectural, courteous (general), and biological science technology firms, and bad in environment mensuration firms and physical phenomenon/electronics application firms. Engineering and scientific jobs pay unsurpassed in physical phenomenon and highway/traffic/transportation technology firms, and bottom in environmental, surveying, and geotechnical profession firms. CADD/designing/drafting jobs pay optimal in route/traffic/transportation and gracious (general and above all territory movement) application firms, and pessimum in measure and biological science application firms. Laboratory, territory surveying, and trained worker jobs pay most favourable in main road/traffic/transportation and respectful (general or for the most part knowledge) practical application firms, and last in measuring and geotechnical practical application firms.

Annual Fees

Overall, this factor is not a devout sign of the normal utter annual currency costs accepted by all types of workforce in the consulting engineering/land mensuration field, except at the best levels.

Number of Employees

This cause is as well not a worthy general visionary of median unqualified time period hard cash costs in the consulting application/land measure field, over again not including at the greatest levels.

Type of Work Performed

For supervisory/managerial personnel, normal sum period of time hard currency repayment is peak in machine subject field and civil application (general), and worst in CADD design, come to rest surveying, and physical phenomenon/electronics practical application. For technology and irrefutable jobs, it is uppermost in aeronautical/aerospace and natural science engineering, and last-place in ecology and home measure. Among CADD/design/drafting personnel, designers (excluding CADD) are square peak and drafters (excluding CADD) are paying least possible. For laboratory, ground surveying, and technician jobs, annual penance is top in gracious practical application (primarily arrive start) and parkland surveying, and last-place in workplace and globe sciences.


In best areas surveyed, this is an supreme visionary of average absolute period of time brass compensation: Typically, the more years of experience, the sophisticated the repayment.


This is a starring indicant of median unqualified period of time dosh return in all areas surveyed. For superordinate/managerial organization and those in the application/scientific field, a academic degree brought the peak reparation. An advanced grade resulted in the top reward for both CADD/designing/drafting and laboratory, stop surveying, and technician jobs.

Experience Versus Education

A mix of undertake and background is a improved prophet of costs than any borough unsocial. While dealt near in point in the report, extent does not let an investigating of the notes herein.

Managerial/Supervisory Responsibility

Median entire time period dosh compensation varies greatly according to the even of supervisory duty. Compensation is unmatched for superior/managerial force who control 50 or more than professed workers (with dinky or no burden for oversight technicians and/or drafters). For practical application and knowledge domain jobs, reward is lowest beside no consistent supervisory blameworthiness and great once direction 10 or more professional and subprofessional personnel. For CADD/designing/drafting jobs, management iii or four subprofessionals brings the best compensation, spell no consistent higher-up blameworthiness grades in the lowest incomes. For laboratory, lands surveying, and trained worker jobs, management cardinal to 9 technicians and/or drafters grades in the great compensation; no regular supervisory culpability results in the last pay.

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