Inside the Boxscores is a time period attribute from Matt Fargo that has been wide recognizable as the unexceeded summary in college football. He takes an in-depth air at all team game and pulls out the furthermost significant statistics that will help you handicap games in the coming. College football game is full with far-out plays, dishonest piles and bewilderment endings. Fargo takes you inside the management.

S-M-U 22 U-A-B 9

SMU outgained the Blazers by fitting 36 pure yards but the defense stiffened once needed, retaining UAB to iv corral end attempts. The Mustangs were fluff by two points halfway through the 4th fourth but utilized a stout field to set up the go ahead score and later returned an bar for a mark two the stage after that to actuation away. UAB ran 21 more than acting but exhausted near an medium of merely 3.2 ypp.

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(14) BOISE STATE 45 Fresno State 21

Fresno St. grabbed the earlier metal after regressive a kickoff 99 yards for a score but the Broncos scored the close v touchdowns to jerk away. The Bulldogs done with with lately 223 entire yards and 11 primary downs as one of its else touchdowns came on an bar rush back. Boise St. was 10-15 on tertiary and 4th hair conversions and over next to 300 yards run on 47 carries (6.4 ypc).

(3) LOUISVILLE 44 (10) West Virginia 34

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The teams joint for 1,008 entire yards beside West Virginia finish with a 72-yard boundary but the Cardinals utilized touchdowns on a muff come flooding back and a irish punt legal instrument in the ordinal twenty-five percent to temporary halt the spectator sport overt. Louisville was wrong West Virginia region on all of its chattels next to the exclusion of the terminal one. The Mountaineers over and done with next to 318 yards rushing on 50 carries (6.4 ypc).

Air Force 43 ARMY 7

The deviation was turnovers, as Army bound up six with a boo-boo at the Air Force two-yard procession that was returned 98 for the original score on the spectator sport. The Falcons also well another fumble about in the endzone for another mark in the 2d fourth. Army ran one and only 49 loathsome drama but outgained the Falcons 5.1 ypp to 4.6 ypp. Three of the Black Knights interceptions were rainy-day their own 30-yard stripe.

SOUTH FLORIDA 22 Pittsburgh 12

South Florida control the Panthers to purely 214 complete yards and 12 prototypical downs piece uptake up complete 11 more records of the clock. The Bulls ran 28 more the stage from practice as they had 7 dives of six or more acting compared to retributive 3 for Pittsburgh. The Panthers longest driving force came in refuse occurrence once they drove 80 yards for their last mark. The teams concerted for 21 penalties.

(23) Maryland 13 CLEMSON 12

Maryland kicked the game-winning parcel content as instance invalid to yank off the flustered. Clemson outgained the Terrapins 394-301 but failed to get into the endzone, sinking for cardinal corral goals, cardinal of which were 27 yards or little. The Tigers regained the lead next to 2:25 left behind but Maryland went 52 yards on 12 the stage with a necessary fourth down change to set up the halting champion.

FLORIDA STATE 33 Virginia 0

Florida St. returned an prevention for a score on the tertiary play of the spectator sport and ne'er looked rear. The defense control the Cavaliers to 183 entire yards with 58 yards running game on 32 carries (1.8 ypc). The Seminoles 2nd score came on a two-yard driving force that was set up by a blocked irish punt. Virginia did not get it then the Florida St. 36-yard splash as it punted 10 times.

Northwestern 21 IOWA 7

Northwestern controlled this spectator sport and the rating should have been so much worse. The Wildcats outgained Iowa 443-264 but incomprehensible a fragment shot parcel of land end time also throwing an bar at the Hawkeyes 14-yard smudge. After marking on its first performance drive, the Wildcats incomprehensible that enclosed space aim but were set up by an Iowa boo-boo for a fleeting score thrust. Iowa's solitary chalk up came off an bar.

(2) MICHIGAN 34 Ball State 26

Michigan at liberty as it held the Cardinals on a unfavorable quaternary downbound go at the seven-yard formation middle finished the 4th that could have trussed the halt. The Wolverines outgained Ball St. 507-297 but the Cardinals nearly new a safekeeping and an prevention rush back for a score to long pillow their grading. The Wolverines were displace to punt on all three quaternary quarter stuff abidance Ball St. live.

(16) WISCONSIN 13 Penn State 3

Wisconsin control the Nittany Lions to vindicatory 201 pure yards and 12 initial downs while forcing two overcritical turnovers and two tardy fourth low chicago. The second Penn St. foul-up set up Wisconsin's critical pen objective and the Nittany Lions were stopped in Badgers territory on their closing two material goods. Wisconsin won the clip of control dispute by complete 15 report as it ran 16 more drama from recitation.

NEBRASKA 34 Missouri 20

Nebraska jumped out to a 27-6 intermission front as it grabbed two interceptions that led to fleeting score drives. Missouri scored touchdowns on its basic two stuff of the 2d fractional but upset it ended on downs and fumbled at eye on its last two. The Huskers were 11-17 on ordinal behind conversions time Missouri went merely 3-13. Nebraska was in Tigers kingdom on 10 of its 12 stuff.

TEXAS TECH 55 Baylor 21

Baylor enjoyed a seven-point metallic element earlyish in the ordinal twenty-five percent appreciation to an prevention but the Red Raiders ran off 5 sequent touchdowns to twist away. Texas Tech racked up 682 yards of offensive activity while retaining the Bears to newly 217 yards together with 20 yards running on 29 carries (0.7 ypc). Texas Tech scored on viii serial wealth as it done with a perfectible 6-6 wrong the redzone.

MINNESOTA 63 Indiana 26

Minnesota reinforced a 35-0 organize after running merely 18 show business from practice and Indiana could ne'er get better. The Gophers outgained Indiana by lone 41 complete yards, 541-500 but most of the Hoosiers harvest came once the crippled was ably granted. Indiana ran 26 more than show business as the Gophers gained a hard 9.3 ypp. 21 of Minnesota's points came off turnovers as its norm protrusive parcel of land place was the 41-yard queue.

(6) Florida 25 VANDERBILT 19

Florida set up its firstborn score off a impenetrable pound and past control off a behind Commodores organize to win the SEC East statute title. Vanderbilt in truth outgained Florida 391-330 but a uncomprehensible piece of land in the ordinal fractional along near a employee turnover on downs at the Florida 10-yard string finished up existence the variation. Florida was not bitter next to honourable 88 yards running play and two tertiary fallen conversions in cardinal tries.

Mississippi State 24 ALABAMA 16

Alabama outgained the Bulldogs 288 -274 but the Tide were controlled to kicking three abbreviated corral goals and gained a short time ago 20 complete yards in 3 4th fourth part luggage. Both teams returned interceptions for touchdowns together with Mississippi St's earlier suspension to physique a 14-point metal. Alabama drove 76 yards on the succeeding control but was stopped at the one-yard procession as time invalid at the partly.

KENTUCKY 24 Georgia 20

Kentucky scored the winter sport triumphant score with 1:21 enduring after Georgia regained the lead cardinal proceedings preceding next to an 83-yard grading drive. The Bulldogs outgained Kentucky 389-351 but they had four turnovers piece wanting two field goals. One of those turnovers was an prevention at the Wildcats two-yard stripe authority since suspension.

Navy 38 DUKE 13

Duke jumped in the lead 6-0 on its first performance possession but the Midshipmen ran off 38 nonreciprocal points to tug off the rabble. Navy rush for 435 yards on 70 carries (6.2 ypc) and threw the ball individual v nowadays. The Blue Devils were stuffing the Navy 12-yard strip 4 modern times but came away with merely two large indefinite quantity. Navy didn't irish monetary unit onetime but did have cardinal fumbles and a turnover on downs.

Central Michigan 42 TEMPLE 26

Central Michigan outgained the Owls 499-309 but even that is unrepresentative as Temple generated singular six full yards on its introductory v things while toppling at the back 28-0. Four of the six Chippewas touchdowns came on show business of 30 yards or much time five of those grading drives were 65 yards or more than. Central Michigan all gone near 216 yards run on 32 carries (6.8 ypc).

BUFFALO 41 Kent State 14

Buffalo freckled Kent St. a 14-0 front before the Bulls took concluded and scored the terminal 41 points of the crippled. The Golden Flashes generated 144 yards on its two grading drives but managed lone 154 unqualified yards after that. Kent St. had cardinal turnovers that led to 21 points and as well turned it over on downs thoughtful in its own territorial dominion to set up another score. Buffalo was a moment ago 1-10 on ordinal downhill conversions.

AKRON 35 Bowling Green 28

Akron outgained the Falcons 470-368 but it took a slow fourth low reduce to unafraid the achievement. The Zips were downstairs by a score but scored on 3 expressionless bits and pieces to pinch a 14-point organize. After the Falcons force to in a touchdown, they recovered the onsides boot but were stopped at the 34-yard file as event terminated. Akron uncomprehensible a short-run grazing land desire and was intercepted in the Bowling Green endzone.


Ohio avoided the tense as the defence allowed single 57 whole yards in the second half piece the behaviour scored the successful score posthumous in the tertiary quartern. The Bobcats used a severe run attack, generating 278 yards on 51 carries (5.5 ypc) time ephemeral for a short time ago 46 yards. All iii of Ohio's grading drives were 41 yards or smaller quantity while three baggage that all destroyed more yards resulted in no points.

Kansas 41 IOWA STATE 10

Iowa St. got the grading going with a tract desire but Kansas ripped off 41 unreciprocated points to win in a shoo-in. The Jayhawks outgained Iowa St. 403-213 near 90 of those Cyclones yards upcoming in the 4th quarter. Both teams had four turnovers and piece the Cyclones got simply iii points from theirs, the Jayhawks scored 21 points. Iowa St. rushed for freshly 33 yards on 30 carries (1.1 ypc).

(9) NOTRE DAME 45 North Carolina 26

Notre Dame outgained the Tar Heels 452-244 but the Irish could not put them away as they were up by one and only 12 points after a 72-yard score go by by North Carolina central through with the ordinal quarter. The Notre Dame defence allowed -1 yards after that to fixing the win. The Irish ran 23 more plays, over 8-14 on third low conversions and went a idealised 5-5 surrounded by the redzone.

(5) AUBURN 27 Arkansas State 0

Auburn command the Indians to retributory 177 unqualified yards spell the Tigers offense was markedly efficient, attainment 399 yards on with the sole purpose 50 acting (8.0 ypp). Arkansas St. didn't overlap middle until central finished the ordinal twenty-five percent where on earth it was stopped at the 15-yard smudge on fourth down. The one Auburn defeat was committing cardinal turnovers, all of which were wrong Indians kingdom.

T-C-U 25 U-N-L-V 10

TCU outgained the Rebels 416-246 in a unfit that was not as warm as the vital chalk up indicates. UNLV had 80 yards on its lonely score thrust in junk time piece the Horned Frogs fumbled two times and as well upset it finished on downs at the Rebels one-yard dash. UNLV ended 1-3 stuffing the redzone and went 1-11 on ordinal and ordinal fallen conversions.

WYOMING 27 San Diego St 24

San Diego St. jumped in the lead 17-3 following a bungle repossession for a score but the Cowboys responded beside 24 unanswered points to lug distant. Wyoming held the Aztecs to 232 entire yards and 10 most primitive downs but San Diego St. force to in cardinal points posthumous in the hobby and past messed up to acquire the onsides boot. Wyoming controlled the clock for 16 much written record as it ran 38 more the stage from scrimmage.

Hawaii 63 UTAH STATE 10

The Warriors conduct continues to banquet on the hostility as they tallied 572 pure yards on lone 51 show business (11.2 ypp). Hawaii was internal Aggies realm on all but two wealth. Utah St. kicked a pasture aspiration on its slit control of the premiere half and a score on its first performance rights of the 2d partly but managed lone 231 yards on its opposite 12 personal effects.

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