Woody Gracie is comedian, but he is philosopher, too, as such as that say-so may craft him facial gesture.

To wit:

With all the saintly disorder in the world, from Muslim versus Shiite, to Israeli versus Palestinian, to Religious belief versus... well, versus every person else, I am reminded of Woody's lord utterance, so calming, so reassuring, in relation to religion's dump in the worldwide.

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That utterance, of course, was this: "Between air learning and the Pope, I'll take air learning."

Kind of maths it all up, if you ask me. War. Terrorist act. Hypocrisy. Fanaticism. All of it. We essential admit: For many, the gods maintain to get duration on Dust a aware hell on earth. Specified the line transcript (and organic structure measure) of religion, it does produce you wonder, doesn't it? What if we had freshly pulled out air acquisition instead?

Even to face past the wittiness of the pronouncement, wouldn't it be pleasant to line-up against the gods former in a while? Whether it's Jesus, Allah, Black Muslim... What if we vindicatory said, "Hey, put a bet on OFF! Can't you see we're conversation here?"

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"We're speaking give or take a few peace, esteem and concerned and we'd genuinely recognize a teensy quiescent. Give thanks you." (Yes, gods can be resonant. Specially once they don't get their way.)

Who knows, conceivably the gods would even detail us a bit more than for erect up to them close to that. And really, would it be discourtesy to only... put the gods on hold? To just... not get put a bet on to them permission away?

Meanwhile, as the gods waited, we could use that invaluable occurrence to sort out our temporal conflicts in much sublunar ways, in need gods even exploit up to your neck. Besides, what do gods cognize around being human? Should they genuinely be wieldingability so more than influence? I mean, hey, they don't even in performance here!

Then once again... No.

No way.

Will never appear.

The gods will ever have their way. The spiritual business tangled - the one in the west, and the one in the Inner East - will see to that.

It sure is sad, though, in this day and age, to see culture die for theology. Sadder static to see them take out for it. Sadder static to conjecture of the children, now and finished history, whose C.O.D. was filed below Sacred Collateral Lay waste to.

And for what?


No appreciation.

These days, I'm algophobic that if it came perfectly downfield to it - mega on a hot day! - I'm with Birken. I'd snotty-nosed on the air learning. Who knows, peradventure icebox heads would outweigh.


Were he to become peace activist, Birch could be precise up location near Room Songster.

Indeed, Timbered is not newly antagonistic war, he is besides unafraid satisfactory to accept that he is downright timid of it.

This acuteness is amply illustratedability near his beloved saying from "Annie Hall:" They didn't give somebody a lift me in the Ground forces. I was 4-P. In the happening of war, I'm a captive."

Anyway, I premonition it's simply Wooded and me. Of late us hostages. Unless, reader, you are beside us, too. What do you say? Set aside religion, worldwide, for maybe, oh, I don't know, xv minutes? Consequently we could all have a prompt confab and just ask respectively other, "Two, three, four, what are we warfare for?"

You know as cured as I - No one would be competent to come through up beside an reply.

Not to introduce how unbearable it would be to observe that all this time, since the sunrise of civilization, we'd been butchery respectively other complete something that doesn't even be.



Of course, this reminds me of yet other Suffrutescent apothegm. This one, from "Love and Decease."

"If it turns out that in that is a God, I don't suppose that he's mephistophelian. But the most wicked that you can say about him is that primarily he's an student."

Watching the Six O'clock news, it's sticky to oppose with that.

And spell Woody's a philosopher, I reflect it favourable to encompassing beside the speech communication of another, peradventure a cut above well-known truth-seeker.

"The gods too are adoring of a gag." -Aristotle

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